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“Creatures Pet Store”

(formerly Creatures Great and Small)
Come Discover Your Wild Side

A family-owned and operated Full line pet specialty store. 

History: Creatures Pet Store has operated in Victoria for approximately 20 years. Creatures Great & Small Ltd originally opened on Johnson Street; it was then relocated to David Street, and now operates at 770 Bay street and has since 2004. Ty & Christina, the current owners purchased the store in Sept of 2010, and along with them they brought new ideas to affect positive changes and set new standards.

The pet industry has changed a lot over the last 20 years and continues to do so, but one thing that has not changed is people’s desire to have, love and care for their pets. The variety of pets available today is quite a bit more extensive than before, especially in terms of exotic pets such as reptiles, and fresh water fish. The products we carry designed to care for these unique pets have also improved with constantly updating husbandry and knowledge.

What you can expect: Creatures Pet Store is not your average pet store, it never has been. It’s a funky 5000 plus square foot store with tons to see.  To name a few  we have a designated reptile section, a large walkway of fish for sale. Customers always comment “the store doesn’t look this large from the outside”.  In fact, there are few stores that offer the sensory impact that Creatures does. We’re a genuine pet-oriented store, selling Birds, Small animals, Reptiles, Fresh Water Fish, Aquatic Plants, Amphibians, Spiders, and a host of other living things.

Ty, Christina and the Staff of Creatures bring many years of experience have a strong dedication to quality pet care.  Also, offering exceptional customer service to help educate and guide you through the journey of pet keeping and after sale support.

With the vast amount of information on the internet you can count on creatures to help you navigate through any misleading advice. (care sheets)

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We invite you to come on down to meet our staff and see the exciting pets and colorful array of livestock. We all look forward to meeting you and your family

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Phone: (250) 382-3329 #3-770 Bay Street Victoria, British Columbia Canada, V8T 5E4