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C.A.R.E.S. Program

Creatures – Animal – Re-home – Emergency – Support (CARES) Program

Why the CARES Program:

  • Creatures is committed to responsible Pet Store animal placement and ownership.
  • This is a new program for Creatures and is in its infancy stages; the basic premise of the program is “If we sell them, we will help them”.
  • The CARES program was created for people who need immediate help to re-home their animal. Regardless of the reason, when it happens you will find you do not have the time or resources to advertise, screen and properly qualify the potential new care giver/owner.
  • Situations like this is why we created the CARES program.

How the CARES Program works:

  • If the need should arise, without judgment we will help you care for & re-home your pet(s).
  • You will need to surrender your pet(s) along with its housing/habitat to Creatures. We ask for the housing to reduce stress to the animal, and to assist the new owner at time of adoption. If the habitat is not available or is unsuitable, we ask for a donation to surrender your animal. That donation will go towards looking after and re-housing your pet.
  • Please be prepared to describe your pets feeding and socializing habits/schedules.
  • Your Pet must be of good health and fit for re-homing. CARES program is here to help re-home animals, the program is not a rescue for sick or injured animals.
  • Creatures will monitor your pet for approximately 15-30 days to get to know your pet’s personality.
  • Once we have gained some insight on your pets overall condition, and conclude it is fit for adoption Creatures will find a new home to a qualified care giver(s).
  • There is an adoption fee to the new owner to help offset incurred costs.
  • Pick up & Delivery of a pet is available.

Qualifying Pets:

  • The pet must be allowed in the Province of British Columbia and the CRD.
  • Documentation including but limited to CITIES, veterinary care, and / or required permits must accompany the animal.
  • The pet must be healthy and free from injury.
  • The following pets pending available space will be considered:

• Amphibians: Frogs, newts, toads.
• Birds: Budgies, Cockatiels, small parrots, finches, canaries.
• Fish: Fresh water.
• Invertebrates: Tarantulas, hermit crabs.
• Reptiles: Lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises.
• Small Animals: Rats, Hamsters, Ferrets.

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