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Health Guarantees

Creature’s Guarantees

Livestock: Health Guarantee


  • Creature’s Livestock Health Guarantee is to ensure the customer’s pet purchase is a healthy animal free of any pre-existing illnesses or injuries.

Guarantee Period:

Fresh Water Fish – Reptiles – Small Animals

  • • 14 days with receipt.
  • • Exceptions:
  • • Feeder Fish are exempt
  • • Fish deaths due to toxic water conditions (Not a health issue)
  • • Frogs (terrestrial and semi-aquatic).
  • • As noted on the receipt.

Marine Fish & Corals – Birds

  • Due to the numerous environmental factors that can have an effect on the health of these animals, we do not offer a health guarantee on Salt water fish, corals or birds.

Marshall Ferrets – Canines – Felines – Other

  • As per adoption contract.
  • Ferrets must be fed according to contract, receipts required.
  • As noted on the receipt.


  • Limited to the time periods stated within this policy.
  • Limited to 1 replacement animal per initial sale.
  • If a replacement is deemed unsuitable by Creature’s Staff or is unavailable within an agreeable time frame, a store credit or gift card will be issued.
  • As noted on the sales slip.

Customer Requirements:

  • You will need your Proof of purchase* until the guarantee has expired.
  • The deceased animal must be returned without exception. (Frozen is acceptable)


  • A separate tank water sample is required. This is to ensure the replacement fish has the best chance at acclimating to you tank.
  • Water with toxic levels of ammonia/nitrites may void the guarantee as the animal’s death was not due to a pre-existing illness.


  • Heat and humidity readings from the previous week are required.
  • Any additional requirement noted on the receipt or contract.
  • Contact the department supervisor ASAP if the animal is exhibiting any unusual behavior.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health of your new pet, please contact our store ASAP.

*Proof of Purchase

  • Till receipt, Credit Card or Debit receipt.
  • Lost receipt? Tell us the date of purchase & method of payment (cash, debit or credit card). We may be able to look up your receipt.

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