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Livestock Policy

Livestock Purchase & Return Policy

Livestock Purchase:


  • Choose livestock carefully, check with your landlord, do your research on the animal, ask questions before you purchase. This process will reduce possible returns and impulse purchase.
  • The responsibility of the animal’s health and wellbeing is always with the care giver. Be responsible and know how to care for your animal, we are here to help of course.


  • There is no minimum age for Fish, or Feeder insect purchases.
  • There is no minimum age for Feeder Rodent purchases if you have a Creatures Feeder Card.
  • You must be 19 years of age or accompanied by your parent/guardian for all other pets.

Right of Refusal:

  • Creature’s reserves the right to refuse the sale of livestock for any reason.

Livestock Return:


  • The purpose of the return policy is to immediately relive a customer the responsibilities of caring for the newly acquired pet. The purpose is not to refund your full purchase price. Returning pets for full purchase price encourages impulse & non-researched buys.
  • We strongly suggest researching any animal before purchasing to avoid any impulse purchases and possible returns. Repetitive re-homing of animals causes undo stress on the animals. Stress reduces the animals feeding/drinking responses as well as it’s immunity, which may lead to health issues for the animal.

Time Frame:

  • Within 7 days of purchase with conditional monetary penalties.
  • Anytime, with zero monetary considerations.


  • Returned in healthy condition.

Re-Homing Fees:

  • All animals: Birds, Fish, Reptiles,
  • Re-homing charges of 50% of the purchase price or $25.00 whichever is greater.
  • Purchase price of $99.99 or more, & special orders, – A re-homing charge of 75% of purchase price.
  • Fish returned within 24 hours due to incompatibility: Re-homing charges of 25% of the purchase price or $5.00 whichever is greater.
  • All refunds are a 12 month in store credit, or gift card.
  • Pets sold on a contract will supersede this policy.
  • You may surrender the animal, and not pay the re-homing fees.

Non – returnable:

  • Feeder Animals
  • As noted on sales slip.


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