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Sexing & Species Identification Guarantees

Livestock: Sexing & Species Identification Guarantees

All animals:

  • It can be difficult to sex and identify the species of certain animals therefore the final onus to sex the animal lies with the purchaser.
  • In the event the purchased animal’s genus/species or sex is incorrect, you will be compensated in one of two ways:
  1. You keep the animal and Creatures will reimburse the difference in price if any
  2. You may return the animal for in store credit based on the original purchase price less 25%. The animal must be healthy, fit for sale and space must exist in store to house the animal.


  • Special orders, the risk of an incorrect sex for special ordered animals lies with the customer.
  • Most animals are sold as unsexed, however some are sold as a male or female and the animal item code on the receipt indicates the sex. If the sex is not indicated on the receipt or with the animal code there is no sexing guarantees.
  • No proof of purchase*.

*Proof of Purchase

  • Till receipt, Credit Card or Debit receipt.
  • Lost receipt? Tell us the date of purchase & method of payment (cash, debit or credit card). We may be able to look up your receipt.

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